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PART My name is suman. I am working as ant in an office.

Name: Rosita

Age: I'm 45 years old
My sexual identity: Guy
I understand: English
What is my Zodiac sign: I'm Leo
What is my figure features: My figure type is quite fat
I like: Travelling

No comments:. Then came home in the eveing from school, and mom was waiting for me to teach me how to wear a saree and she had brought new sarees for me though she had lot of sarees, she said first time i should wear new saree only and it was a blue plain with flowers on it with blous attached she already stiched a nice low neck short sleeves blouse of my size, then i had wash and and came to her room, before she told me i wore bra and then she gave me blouse and peticoate to wear i did not know how to wear petiocoat she tought me that, and then she put the wig and other ornaments, and make up and in saree i was looking so prety as a young woman of 20 years.

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She went to dinner, I started tieying and removing i did and 7 or 8 times and i bacame now expert in saree tying. I felt so happy with her love and affection on me and she felt so more love on me as a daughter than a son. Then she asked me wat i am doing, then i felt shy and told her that in school drama i hv to act as woman and heroin. Our teacher said i should more practice to behave like a woman which she said she will teach.

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I also enjoyed her emotional love and then she said every day i should be dressing as girl at home so that i can do natural on stage. Then when i came home that day eveing, i started seeing myself in my mothers room dressing table mirror in diff. I also did not bother much about as it was geting late for my school and went to school. I did that and took both and after bath i saw my body was shining with a smooth skin, i felt so smooth by touching my body.

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Wen mom came back i removed my saree and tied in front of her and she said now i learnt saree so nice and i wear better than so many ladies who come to our house. I also agree and we started the drama practice.

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My mother taught me how to wear saree, and how to pleat the pallu and the front of saree, and she said by the time she prepares the dinner i can practice for 5 or 6 times i can get it. Meanwhile sory i forgot to tell about my father and brother.

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This BlogThis! Father is working in dubai he comes only once in a year for 15 days and goes back, my elder brother is studyng in a college and he is in hostel. But frends forced and teacher also said i will suit well for the role becasue of my colur and structure. Mom started laughing and said ohhh my son wil become my daughter now, wow wow god llisten to me and i am geting a daughter is it. I use to follow her and started thinking that i am a girl and i shuld be like Boy crossdressing stories girl and started acating it came so well and every appricated.

Then I came out with the towel tied to my waist, then mom told as i am a girl now i should tie the towel til breast level and she tied to me and showed. I slept in that girl dress and dreaming that how my girl life wil be. And i shouted mommy where are my dress, she came and stood near the door and Boy crossdressing stories and said hey sheela there are the dress for u, to wear, please take and wear na, i did not understand why she called me sheela i was looking at her, then she told she has got all new dresss and stiched some includnig inner wears of a girl of my age.

I was shoked to see non of my dresses were there. I said ok and we both went to have dinner and slept. I said ok for that also, then i had went to bath and saw a new soap and some creams there. End of part 2. She said we will do well and expecially she said I wil do so well as heroin and will get a best actor award and i shuld get it.

I told mom i wil sleep in saree only she said ok.

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I was not so much keen to do the role of girl. Then she took me to her room and started make for me, with poweder eyeliner and lipstic and she kept the bindi, and then she painted my nails with polish and she put 1 dozen bangles on each hand and then since Boy crossdressing stories our comunity even boys ears also to be pierced I alreay had a hole but it was bit closed with pin she could open it and she put the ear rings dangling type, and she also put a new payal on my leg, i aked whose all this and she said all are newly bought up for new girl sheela.

Mom said me to wear the dress and come to her room. The next day moring I got up and finished my bath and was getting ready to go to school, my mom caled me to come to her room, i went. I felt so happy for the support she is giving for my drama and told her that if we do well this drama wil be entering inter school drama competion.

I took the bra and panty, i did not know to wear bra i told mom, she helped me in wearing it, it was a paded bra and no need for stuffing it. Thanks for all your comments. Post a Comment. She took some measurements with the tape and noted down in the dairy.

Then i went to school, but with one change, instead of men underwear, i wore panty inside and then wear uniform pant. I said mummy that i wil do it.

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She is also a good tailor in the area who stiches most of ladies dresses in our area. Teacher use to corect my movements and behaviour and use to remind me that i am a girl now on the stage and not boy and should think that in mind and behave like a girl only. My mom said not to worry she will teach me how to be a good like woman in all the respect. Then when i came home, as usual i had wash and want to change the uniform went to my room. Pls give your critics and commments before i continue with my second part.

I asked wat for she is taking the measurements. Then i called Boy crossdressing stories and asked to her help me to remove my dress for taking bath and geting ready for school. Newer Post Older Post Home. I am very fair and lean. I felt so happy and some strange sensation in my body when wore that bra and panty, then she made me to wear silk long skirt and a top bluse for it.

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When I was in 8th Std. She selected 3 boys and they could perform well and then finally she looked at me asked am i ready to become heroin in the drama. She told me to use the cream so that wat ever little hairs i hv in body will also go and i hv a real smooth skin like girl.

We both felt so happy. She took out a nice long haired wig form cupboard and fixed on my head and put some hair clips to hold it strong she plaited in to tow braids like a school girl, and kept some jasmine flowers on my head, and she could not belive that i wil look so beutiful girl, she felt so emotional and started kisisng me and saying sheela meri beti u r so buitiful, i love u if u can be a permanetly become girl for me.

I said ok and also said s he wil teach me how to braid the hair into single and double plait on my own, so Boy crossdressing stories i can do my self when i want. Labels: hijdasissificationsissytransgender. I am sheela here this is my first story. I dont konw why i felt that I feel realy I should become a woman if i can and slowly my mind heart and soul was turning and accepting my feminity and wanted it to continue for ever. She told this as i am the second son and i had elder brother.

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So I slept in saree as woman dreaming about my feminine performance on stage. I agreed she said from tomorrw i will learn wear saree and practice in saree and i wil be saree always at home so that i can manage well in drama as i wil hv to act on stage with saree only. I was trying to do as best as i can. In fact she wanted me as girl only and she did not like me initially as boy. My name was sridhar, I studied in all boys school.

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I said ok. I still have to improve. Then went to bed. Teacher said also try at home and pratcie as we had very short period of 15 days only and She said, Principal has said if this drama comes out well, we should be performing same drama in inter school drama competion and said every one should do to their best. Boy crossdressing stories the hooks were in the back for the blouse i could not remove it she helped me and told that she wil teach the technic of puting and removing back hook dresses in the night so that i can be like a independent girl.

Every body said yes including me. So at home me and my mom only. In the school during lunch break and eveing after classes, we were called for drama practice. When i was seeing in different angle and try to behave like a girl my mother entered and saw me doing. She only smiled and told u will get to know in the eveing. In School, i performed so well that teacher and other boys also appricated my acting and said i did real like a girl. I felt so happy and confident that i now become exprt in saree tying. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

If any young boy saw me he may fall in love with me, i felt so nice of my self.

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