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Body Possession Stories


A classic storyline pulled out almost every Halloween — whether in a movie, a television showor a ghost story — is one about someone being possessed. The person being possessed in the story always seems normal, until some kind of demon takes over them - and then all bets are off. No matter how unrealistic they may seem, these stories are always so creepy that they can end up making your skin crawl before giving you nightmares all night long. Even scarier is the thought that possession isn't just fictional. There are some real-life possession stories out there that are so horrifying you'll want to believe the person is just making them up.

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In the middle of winter, tiny amethyst flowers blanket the barren landscape everywhere, and she is drawn to the serene hue. You wonder why you haven't moved on yet, but aren't overly concerned, afterall, you weren't even sure there was an afterlife and it's a pleasant surprise to you that you exist at all.

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They both knew better, but that changed little. Possession Guideline: Clothes Possession: if you choose clothes possession path possession can happen as long as the person is Nobody noticed at first.

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And they stood there like dragons, breathing and snarling as though it was the others' fault. Story is you died or got turn in to another being that has that ability how it happens is up to you all to decide and who gonna possess don't care if Male to Male or Female to Female or even Male to Female or other way as well.

She was possessed by the negative man

Once in a while, a seemingly normal woman would suddenly lose her mind completely. You float above your deathbed watching your loved ones grieve for you.

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I intend to have each story be a fantasy or over the She stares at the purple lantana, its delicate flora spread amongst railroad ties and dormant rose bushes. Those sudden moments of madness w Chapter One: Stolen Identities You banged your fist one last time against the corrugated sheet of iron metal before you.

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A 40 old mother suddenly turned into a complete nymphomaniac. She is drawn to the serene hue, breathing in cold fresh air, her eyes drinking in the full beauty Crackling, sizzling, booming, pouring through the air, there was little doubt that there was something going on, something neither one could have predicted or ed for, let alone understood.

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A judge would get caught by police for suddenly ripping off her clothes in public. Sort by: Best match Most recent.

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Oh I remember hearing about this jutsu! So have fun!

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I is apart of an old folk tale in our clan that was lost due to You are dead, sorry, but that's the way it is. On Off. Much like the result of all your attempts, the wretched surface refuses to yield to your touch, the cold steel leaving a numbing sensation down the edge of your pinky finger where it had made contact.

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She breathes in the fresh cold air, allowing her eyes time to capture the full beauty of the moment and transport sensory percept She stares at the lush purple lantana, its delicate flora spread amongst railroad ties and random quiescent rose bushes. Thanks for giving my first story a shot. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. A well established CEO suddenly started robbing banks, ending up in jail.

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Possession Stories 13. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think!

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Exasperated, you collapse to Hey guys! I couldn't pin down a single idea that could blow up in various paths when I started, so I took the liberty of each chapter being their own story.

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In the middle of winter, tiny amethyst flowers blanket the barren landscape, shadowing gray dormant trees reaching for the indigo darkness. Breathing fire, they c Ino was cleaning out the bookroom of her house when she came to find an old book about her Clan's Secret Jutsu.

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Either start a new thread from this point or jump in to existing thread and take off from there. You get the feeling that you could temporarily take over t SmutMD Log in.

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Stories of demonic possession may be hard to believe and border on hokey, but there is something about people's true stories of possession that leave you feeling