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Swede chica Black widow x male reader lemon friend especially for courtship

Black Widow X Male Reader Lemon


Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x male! Originally posted by natashagifs. This mission had been tough. Lots of casualties, lots of cuts all over your skin, an angry Steve, thankfully not angry at you. You had done your job of protecting the little girl you needed to get out of the location.

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Marvel fem x male reader. (lemon, harem, one shot)

You had been treated like scum since your powers were shown, and you had been used as a weapon, controlled, used, and you were sick of it. Reader if you write Clint who acts more like their godmother, Nat? Originally posted by marveladdicts.

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It was why the avengers were always trying to set you up with her. Request: Hi, can you please do a Natasha x reader, where reader is killed in action and the impact it has on the team. Both were dressed in black, and both wore sunglasses to look extra cool.

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You stood there frozen for a few seconds, eyes widening each second as realisation settled in of who had come up and kissed you. Tony is furious at first but Natasha calms him down. He represented freedom, and you wanted yours. But Nat switched last minute like in the movie. Natasha Romanoff was a name you knew oh so well. You had known Clint for years. We need you to fuck the bird. But today you were stuck behind a computer doing paperwork, updating files, doing reports and writing instructions for returning KIA agents from other countries… when you had to do them, it always bummed you out.

Request: Could I request Dad! Clint x Child! Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive. Request: Could you do a male reader x natasha romanoff where the reader is very shy working with avenger and Natasha has a crush so she tease him and finally one day she kiss him. You were born a Stark but married to a Barton, Tony being shocked that his little sister had gone from his drinking buddy who would try to updo him on who can wear the most expensive accessory to a party, to living in a farmhouse and being surprisingly talented at DIY and living quite a quiet life.

You had met Natasha when Clint brought her back from his mission. The rest of the team finds out at the end. IF u want, u can add the when she calmed hulk, she calms the reader?

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True story. Natasha had strode into the room, feeling more confident than usual when thinking of teasing you, but came to a halt, seeing you slumped at your computer, head in hand, a frown on your face.

Thewitchandtheassassin — perfect (natasha romanoff x reader)

She could go up to anyone, but she always chose you to strut up to with a smug smile, ask how your day was, then make you red in the face with witty comebacks and flirtatious remarks before smirking, and walking out. For Wanda, Pietro, and every other mutant. You told General Ross if he wanted you to those papers that he can suck your dick and stormed out. Both were competitive; Tony against Steve, and funnily enough Clint against Tony.

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Originally posted by littlechirons. Like, you know, the world being took over or whatever. You were a mutant. Good news, he was not next! Originally posted by mcufam.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Her red hair bobbing into the room had the same reaction in you as when a criminal saw police lights, but to be fair she had that effect on everyone- she was Natasha Romanoff after all, infamous assassin and Avenger. You kept your eyes on the computer, not noticing the woman coming up to the side of your desk. Not many people agreed, until you pointed out some of their similarities.

Originally posted by anotherscarlettblog. Today was another day working the job you both loved and hated, depending on your job for the day.

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However, she liked teasing you to try and get you out of your shell, though it only made her think you were even cuter when you hid your face in your hands at her compliments. You trusted each other greatly through your training. When the team split up, you quickly told Steve you would be beside him. Originally posted by cityofsourwolfrunners. TAGS: imbuckypositive ari-the-meme-queen abbybills22 waywardemo httpmcrvel mutantjediavenger theoraekensnotsosecretlover gayasfridge courtneychicken graysonmalfoy bellero captain-peanut-at-your-service likiyoshi-lijie aesthetjic originalpottervengerlock supernatural-pan esoltis lena-stan-xavier lady-of-lies sebstanismylife.

You were tired of being used as a weapon with no free well, and so you rebelled. In fact, she accepted him as her mate, he learned the crane mating dance and now every year, he artificially inseminates her with crane semen to expand the very endangered crane population. And during the fight since Tony flies he manages to throw the reader in the compound thign where Nat is at, Black panther left to fight idk Bucky xD so just the Reader and Nat are in the room.

She gets grounded by tony and is pissed at him.

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You were doing it for your freedom. Is that ok? Request: Hi! Originally posted by themarvelnerd. You had heard the rumours, but you trusted Clint and his decision, so put your first thoughts to the side and tried to make her feel at home.

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She knew about your crush on her, and that was the best thing since she liked you back. You felt like crap, your head bounding and your body aching and yet you found yourself stuck in your bedroom, grounded by your dear old father. WalWaPo makes you jump through like three separate hoops before you can read the article, so I will share some of the highlights:. You sometimes commented that your brother and husband were similar. But when you saw them line up, and you saw yourself, you knew this was going to be more than a normal fight.

Some angsts and parent fluff. But in the end they make up. You almost always won and Tony still had no clue how. You write Natasha really good!

— leaving so soon, honey? ~ t.s. x n.r. x m!r

Request: Hello love! You are trying to tell him that Clints gonna be a dad and tony is gonna be a uncle? Originally posted by strangerkittens. Originally posted by thefirstgingerdoctor. Some cute and fluff. You knew his weaknesses, and he knew yours. However, seeing her was especially troubling for you.

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It clicked, and a smirk covered her lips, before she started striding over to her favourite guy. Originally posted by romanoffsbucko. Sorry, he WHAT?

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Of course you still had your parties with Tony, keeping a small jewellery box just for those competitions. Keep reading. It was nearly midnight, and Natasha was awake, awaiting a call from a phone booth to her burner phone. When you heard about what the government wanted to do, you nearly raged. Originally posted by july-rck. Originally posted by harlcyqcinn. Your current situation hardly felt fair. You knew younger mutants looked up to you, so you made it public your reason.

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She had become infamous for doing it to you. She got a new one every few weeks, and sure it cost a bit, but if it was worth it if it meant she got to talk to her partner when either of you were on a mission. Imagine being this man's boss and having to sit him down like. You have to act like you're excited about it. You were the expert on knowing both men, of course. Originally posted by tonydaily.

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While his specialty was accuracy, yours was speed, and agility. This meant you were often the thing to avoid as he took shots, including him trying to hit targets on you while you performed tricks on poles and doing flips, and trying not to hit you.

She liked to pick on you in a way.

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Today was a hate day, because instead of rushing around helping prepare for missions or going on one- hell, even briefings were interesting. You had no idea about this, and neither did your team mates who were with you on this mission; Natasha, Steve, and Clint. She had a good idea of your task today, and it made her sigh. You were both relieved and a little sad that the holiday had rolled around at your school.

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Scarletwidow had invited you to their bed!

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Although the reader memory has been erased, Natasha tries to bring his memory back.

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It was am.

Catwoman X Female Reader

Request: Could you do a male reader x natasha romanoff where the reader is very shy working with avenger and Natasha has a crush so she tease him and finally one day she kiss him.

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Originally posted by dawnsedits.