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It was already late afternoon, and Beth Anderson knew she was going to be late for her appointment. She had totally miscalculated how far the Thompson residence was from the city, and now, as she drove along the rural, two-lane highway, she wondered if she would have to stop at a motel for the night on the way back.

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He was actually scared to death at this moment. He stood there now, topless, looking like a black Greek god, all rippled with muscles and tight young flesh. Although it was not early morning, it was not late either when Elaine heard the doorbell ring.

That was not always the case. When it seemed to Elaine that he was not as flustered as he had been now that he was concentrating on his sales pitch again she decided to raise the steaks a bit.

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Elaine raised up on her forearms a little. That did not stop her mind from fantasizing now and then, and today seemed to be one of those days. Her mind was adrift in dreamland as she dozed off and on this afternoon, and she found her dreams focused on the sensual side of life's pleasures. Immediately the young man began what seemed like a canned presentation, "Hello, my name is??????

She never quite knew how she always managed to keep out of big trouble. John had really played up the new lifestyle, and the kids were both a little startled when they visited this summer and found the s posted on the pool enclosure doors and on the porch that said "Nude Beach", "Clothes not allowed", and "No Bathing suits permitted".

She thought he looked pale even though he was deep deep black in his skin tone. So, Elaine put all of these thoughts behind her and headed off into the mater suite to take a long hot shower. And she was basically naked under her robe. She motioned for him to come around and bring the other catalogue. Elaine's breath stopped as she began to realize he was actually going to comply with her directions, and she now had no idea of how this had gone so far.

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She had tolerated two in the past after he confessed and tried to redeem himself. It was perfect for her, they were one of the first to purchase in the community when it opened and got the best lot in the place. This was a very nice upscale neighborhood, gated and secure.

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Lifting herself up on both arms, and exposing both breasts to the young man's view, she struggled to regain some composure. She could not believe that a 16 year old boy could have such a large cock. He stopped and began to fumble in the case he was carrying, and she smiled at him as he tried to maintain his composure and still function in the situation he had stumbled into. High School again, too fast for the startled housewife to catchand we are selling magazines in the area to raise funds for the new uniforms needed by the football team.

Now that both the kids were grown and off to college, she and John had come to really enjoy the privacy. Caught by surprise and totally off guard, Elaine jumped at this immediate escape.

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Not enough to expose her nipples but enough to give a nice view of some breast meat, and challenged the startled young man. He had just noticed as he got close to her, that Elaine was naked on the chase. As she raised her head she saw the shadowy figure standing just next to the hedges by one of the doors to the pool enclosure. The young man looked like he had been run over by a truck as he stood there motionless and shaking with either fear or excitement, Elaine did not know which.

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Elaine herself had been faithful always, in fact a virgin when they met, john was the only man Elaine had ever been with. She tried to focus, but still in half slumber it was hard to decide if she was dreaming or actually hearing anything in the real world. The young man complied and delivered the catalogue to her. Now the boy was almost 20 and her daughter a freshman in state college at 18 they were going to enjoy life. They has built the house and moved her three years ago when John became a senior partner in the firm.

Elaine had sat up in such a way to leave her uncomfortable in the position, and to stabilize herself she needed to Black man white woman sex stories her legs and place one foot on either side of the lounge. It was not unusual, in fact Elaine was sure John might be off on one his flings. Elaine sat up now, and spun around on the chase, facing away form the from the young man standing naked on her pool deck. This brought him another step closer to Elaine and she gasp audibly as her eyes took in the total nakedness of this fine tuned athlete. After a long, uncomfortable silence, he slowly raised his hands to the waistband of his bright colored sports shorts, pausing to get his thumbs under the band and the band of his boxer shorts at the same time.

Therefore she wondered, who could be at the door, she was not expecting anyone. This was scheduled to be a relaxing day without any hustle and bustle or running around. That is exactly what Elaine did, the long shower, and lazy time watching part of a movie or two on cable and a light lunch before she made her way out to the pool early afternoon. Ever since she was a little girl she always was quick to take advantage of a situation, a little tempted to push fate and challenge the norm. But she had started this game and Elaine was not one to back away from a little wickedness. As the afternoon passed, Elaine adjusted herself, rolled over several times and kept her perfect tan even all over, yet she dozed off from time to time and just generally enjoyed the life of leisure today.

It had been a long time since she and John had had any physical contact to speak of, although they both enjoyed the privacy of the back yard and pool area, john seemed to have lost interest in Elaine for the past few months. Then at about 5 feet from her, he stopped dead in his tracks, frozen like a deer caught in the headlights of an approaching car.

He was medium height, well built, maybe a football player type, and dressed in today's bright baggy shorts with matching blue and golf top, you know, that shinny stuff.

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Elaine on the other hand was no getting very excited at this little game. So she lifted herself up just ever so slightly, exposing the brown areola of one nipple to his virgin eyes. Without even looking up, Elaine pointed to the on the wall of the porch. Trying not to look startled, Elaine greeted the young visitor with a polite "Yes, may I help you". The jet black cock stood almost straight out from his groin and throbbed noticeably as he stood there.

He was so uncomfortable she thought he would soon pee his pants any minute. Now standing at the foot of the chase lounge. The darkest black she could ever recall, yet his features were very much subtle and almost Caucasian like. Pointing to the on the porch that said "No Clothes zone" right next to the he had stolen from a community pool with official pool rules on it. That went past Elaine too fast for her to remember itand I am from?????? Then spoke, "That's better" she exclaimed, as she tried to turn her attention to the catalogue again.

After all, Elaine was just 39, and John was seven years older, they had married while John was finishing college and had their son right away and their daughter just over a year after. He seemed to be regaining some composure as he began to lift out a few of the catalogues for her to review, and even did not seem to hesitate as he leaned forward to offer Elaine one of them. Today was unusual and she was really enjoying it. Moving quickly through the living room to the huge foyer, Elaine paused Black man white woman sex stories briefly before opening the door without peeking through the peep site.

She had always been a little wicked, a little bit of a tease and temptress. As she came to full consciousness, Elaine realized it was the young boy that had been at the front door earlier in the day.

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She laughed a little at the idea because she was just going to end up sunbathing around the pool anyway. Lifting her head slightly, Elaine began to come to the realization that someone was shouting at her. She had already seen the front of those shiny loose fitting nylon baggy shorts start to tent out a bit and knew she had now gotten this young black man aroused and was really going to play with him now.

She was amazed, he was not yet completely erect and her eyes glazed over at the sight. There at the entry was a young man, maybe sixteen years old at most, he was well dressed and looked very clean cut, but he was black, very black. She was a tease, a playful and mildly wicked lady, but had never considered anything so taboo as her actions this afternoon.

How could they get past the gatehouse, soliciting was not allowed in this neighborhood. Wooded on the sides, set back farther than the rest on a beautiful preserve that afforded complete privacy in the back yard. Elaine had just placed her coffee cup in the sink and was on her way into the shower when the doorbell rang.

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Elaine heard something as she drifted in and out sleep, right in the middle of an especially good dream series. It was larger than John's, and this boy still had some time to grow. Elaine realized at that moment what was happening, and began to smile to herself. Elaine went as flush as the young man had been as she watched his muscles flex as he lifted the shirt over his head, and the dark blackness of his skin contrasted the rippling flesh as Elaine had never before witnessed. Thinking to herself that nobody other a neighbor lady could be at her door, Elaine decided to answer it, just in case one of her friends needed something.

She reached out for it, completely exposing one breast to his full view. She had trapped this young man and was now going to play with him like a cat plays with a mouse.

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Elaine could see it grow in length and thickness as it continued to extend upward from the straight out position she had first seen it in. Elaine was having a ball at the boy's expense and she knew it. It had been his joke, but as it turned out, it had become a lifestyle they really did enjoy. Elaine was now the one getting flustered. The boy opened the screen door and began to walk toward Elaine, saying he had rang the doorbell but nobody answered.


From his approach it was not possible to know that until this close. She planned to spend the entire afternoon working on her all over tan, and with a picture of fresh lemonade with her, she adjusted her favorite chase lounge in the sunniest spot of the pool deck, just off the covered porch area and stripped her cover-up off and laid down in the sun.

Looking at the that read in large block letters, "No Clothes Zone" the young man seemed to turn pale once more. It was a grand house that had taken just over three hundred and fifty thousand dollars to build, and would sell in today's market at well over Four hundred thousand. Cautiously, as if not sure he would live through the rest of the afternoon, the young black boy began to lift up his shirt exposing a very well developed muscular chest for a lad of sixteen.

With John a senior partner in one of the area's biggest law firms and socially active, she had lots of volunteer work and mixing to keep her busy most of the time. Then as she watched, the young black boy pressed his hands downward, shedding his shorts, boxers and stepping out of then in one swift, nonstop motion.

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This was a taboo, a young boy undressing in front of her, her naked on the chase, still not exposed, and besides the taboo of her being with a young school boy, this one was black as the ace of spades too. Would you allow me to show you a few the excellent selections we have available"?

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John was talking about selling and moving into the newest upscale enclave but Elaine was happy as a clam right here, and had been able to talk him out of that for now.

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Although it was not early morning, it was not late either when Elaine heard the doorbell ring.