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Bestiality Pregnant Stories


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Name: Ulrica

My age: 25
What is my ethnicity: I'm from Estonia
What is my sex: Fem
My hair: I've abundant redhead hair
What is my favourite drink: Gin
My hobbies: I like looking after pets

Puppy love

Words: 9, Published: December 31, by Jackie McNab. Four women experience the love and fulfillment that can only come from a very large, but gentle animal, the horse. I took a vacation to Bora Bora to get away from it all, and in the middle of the crystal blue ocean, I'm seduced and impregnated by a dolphin. I only eat calories a day and I run every night. Everyone keeps asking Stephanie when she's going to start a family with her boyfriend, but it isn't his babies she wants to carry.

If you've been looking for the ultimate bestiality bundle, then look no further.

Hentai foundry

This is my story of how a virgin became the mother of a litter of six little teeny baby pigs. Gina knew the Christmas present that was coming out of her wasn't Jason's Published: December 27, by Jackie McNab. But how can you blame me? Eventually, she finds herself being taken by him multiple times a day. The first was to quit her job, then she lets her dog sleep with her in bed.

sexy miss Jada

Published: February 3, by Jackie McNab. This mega pack is filled with 30 stories of women and one man having sex with dogs, horses, gorillas, a pig.

Bestiality: how a dog got my neighbour pregnant

As the weeks went by my body started to change, and before I knew it I was ready to give birth to their puppies. Now that the neighbor's Great Danes, Fritz and Bitz, had gotten a taste of me, they couldn't stay away. Six stories of some very naughty women being impregnated and giving birth to animals. Josie has had a lot of new impulses recently. Published: July 19, by Jackie McNab. She knows that her dog, Mr. Fluffy, would make an amazing lover and father and she wants a litter to love. I found them at my back door not long after we'd been caught, and before I knew it we were on my bed together.

fit gal Sylvie

Words: 2, Language: English. Three more stories of women having loving relations with, and giving birth to animals. Breeding with Animals Series Order. This one is filled with gangbangs and mind control, breeding and lactation, as well as a little lesbian and dude on girl dog action.

hot latina Alessia

Words: 25, Published: July 21, by Jackie McNab. This is a story of a naughty but loving relationship between a woman and a dolphin. A young virgin alone on an isolated farm learns what it means to be loved and filled by a stallion. Their stories are naughty but also filled with love. The women's breasts and bellies grow enormous with milk and animal babies while they are still being taken repeatedly by the dogs and gorillas.

ebony wives Bonnie

There are gangbangs, drugged threesomes, mind controlled domination, lactation, breeding, and loving relationships between humans and animals. When a litter of puppies comes out she knows that she has been turned into a puppy farm by her dog!

Gorilla and doggie gangbangs, forced lactation and breeding, hypnosis and mind control, humiliation and punishment, as well as massive horse, gorilla, and dog appendages that fill each and every hole. Published: March 9, by Jackie McNab. Boy were Diane and Frank mad when they caught me with their dogs again.

fit cunt Samantha

It isn't until she starts lactating and her stomach starts growing that she realizes she is pregnant. Words: 8, Published: March 29, by Jackie McNab. These women are filled almost beyond their capacity and overflow with the love juices that are produced, as well as the babies of one of the stallions. Gina had no idea how to tell her boyfriend that the baby inside her wasn't his. I love my pig, Horace. Words: 71, Published: March 10, by Jackie McNab.

eye-candy escorts Charleigh

The women in these stories become intimate and are filled full by dogs, gorillas, a pig, and a horse and find out what it feels like to have a baby animal emerge from their own bodies! Words: 15, Published: January 1, by Jackie McNab.

Dog impregnates me

They milk her and take care of her while her belly swells, never leaving her. Words: 11, Published: December 30, by Jackie McNab. Published: March 24, by Jackie McNab. She is swept away and hidden in a dark cave for months where she is impregnated by them.

Carrying my master's puppies - forced submission bestiality erotica taboo knotting dog sex dog blow job beastiality erotica zoophilia xxx pregnancy impregnation breeding bred fertile

Words: 4, Published: November 30, by Jackie McNab. You begged for vol 1, you screamed for vol 2, and you knocked on my door all night to let me know how much you wanted vol 3 of Beastly Blowout. Words: 23, Published: January 23, by Jackie McNab. The latest volume of every single one of my naughty bestiality stories.

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Breeding with the Neighbor's Dogs Caught! As soon as I start to show, I can't stop stuffing my face full of food. A pig, a horse, and a dog all fulfill these women's deepest desires of being taken and filled up in more than one way. But she knew that he was going to find out soon, because she was days away from giving birth. They're all hypnotized by animals to do the impossible - carry their babies. Three different women in three different, crazy situations! Published: December 11, by Jackie McNab.

Three more women find themselves in the impossible position of being impregnated by animals.

sexy wives Mckenna

The very naughty and taboo books in this series involve a woman having sex with an animal, becoming impregnated, and giving birth. But the one thing they have in common? I'm eating for eight now.

stunner madam Lainey

I don't care about my old life anymore. Words: 24, Published: May 18, by Jackie McNab.

Having a baby

Jenna visits a safari on vacation with her family and has a strong urge to leave to tour to get a closer look at the gorillas. Here it finally it! I know I look hot and sexy and my stomach is totally flat. Published: April 30, by Jackie McNab. Until I get pregnant with my dog's puppies, that is.

fit female Jamie

I'm proud of my body. As crazy as it sounds she believes it has to be their baby because she was a virgin before they got to her. They get caught knotted with dogs, they breed with dogs, they get involved in gangbangs, they get knocked up by pigs, and they even fall for their horse. I just want to spend my days and nights with my dolphin and our baby.

beautiful woman Miranda

Words: 5, Published: April 20, by Jackie McNab.

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