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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I was getting ready for bed, down to my boxers, when she came in.

Name: Nettie

What is my age: I am 38
My body features: My figure type is quite overweight
My favourite drink: Champagne
What is my favourite music: Blues

I had almost the same kind of situation when I met this great girl many years ago. She had exhausted me so much and I just sat there trying to get back my composure. Then she took out some lotion and rubbed it on and that really felt good.

My name is Nick and today I have been given access by Jess the owner of bitch topia to relive these events and write this story for her readers, so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed this blowjob. A few more strokes of my penis and I exploded inside of her warm mouth, filling it up with my jizz. She kept looking up at Best bj stories and she would smile, or give me a thumbs up. She took it in her hands and just lazily played with it, looking at it and smiling at me. She sucked my cock for a long time. She then leaned up to my ear and told me she was so wet that she thought she may have wet herself, this made me instantly hard again.

My very innocent girlfriend…

I told her she just needs to coach me on how she likes it and I would. So we took off the rest of our clothes, hung out naked the rest of the day and talked about our relationship. She ramped up the pleasure notch a few more and she sucked me and stroked me with her mouth and used her tongue in ways I never knew possible.

All I know is that she is now married and she will make that man very, very happy. Next Post: I just let my best friend have anal sex and cum In my ass ». I could sense she was getting turned on, she went from being bent over to raising her ass in the air and groaning as popped my head from her lips. She Best bj stories back on the couch next to me and left her top off. She would then slowly come up to the tip, and go back down slowly, what a woman.

She took her shirt and bra off the rest of the way and she had such beautiful tits. I think I might be able to just show you a trick or two that you might like. We got into my room and she told me that she had been feeling so horny lately, she had even had an orgasm in her sleep. Sadly, a few weeks after that we split up, apparently, her parents had found out about the blowjobs, I have no idea how, the only thing I can think of is that my step-dad had told them, perhaps he had heard us one day and was jealous or perhaps he had even made it up out of jealousy. Her hair was always clean and perfect, she Best bj stories bows and frills and she always smelt of sweet perfume.

She laughed, lit up a cigarette, and told me I had to learn how to pleasure her like she did me.

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Well she smiled and said that was sweet, but she wanted to do something that I would never forget her for. She swallowed as much as she could before dribbling the rest out and onto my stomach, she wiped at her mouth with her sleeve and smiled at me.

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After what felt like hours, she ramped up her sucking and stroking and I could feel a climax cumming from way down deep. She got up to wash off and I followed, we spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies but I all I could think about is the type of girl she will be when she finally has sex, I just knew that she would be wild.

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She pulled her bra off, shyly covering her breasts from me. She would always wear white or pastel colours, she dressed incredibly modestly and at times she was a little old-fashioned. I told her she was magnificent and she smiled. Abigail then said that she had been doing some research and friends had told her that blowjobs were the best way to make me happy.

All I could say was I wanted it again. She said that when I had told her I had never had a blowjob before, she knew that she had to make this the best ever. On afternoon Abigail came round to mine, my parents were out and she was a little bit flustered. I looked over at her and she had a big smile and asked if I had a good time, I surely had. Comments I had Best bj stories the same kind of situation when I met this great girl many years ago.

She Best bj stories desperate to be touched and she was desperate to touch me, it was so hard getting all worked up to never have a release but she was worth it. Something my step-dad had also probably dreamt about too. I whispered to her and told her she had the most amazing tits I had ever seen and she pulled at her shirt trying to cover herself but I moved her hand away and told her they were a thing of beauty. She would take me all the way down till her face was against my belly and I could feel her throat contractions.

I was flabbergasted that she would say such a thing. Her name was Abigail, she was the same age as me but totally different to any of the girls I had dated before. So I asked her what she had in mind. I was taken aback, I had no idea what to say.

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She was really good and sure knew her craft. My Very Innocent Girlfriend…. I knew I was larger than most of my friends and she seemed a little intimidated. I was butter in her mouth.

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I asked her about the comment she made earlier about a trick or two I might like. She told me to lay back on my bed as she unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her white frilly bra, she had small breasts but I had never seen them before and just looking at her she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

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So I took off my pants, and I was already hard by the time they were off. They swayed back and forth with her movements, and all of a sudden her grip on me after the tits were out felt twice as good.

The beautiful blowjob…

Buttoning up her shirt as she did so. She just ran her fingers through my hair as I was finally able to speak and all I could say was wow. She continued stroking for a little while longer after I was completely spent and when I was finally limp, she let go. She stroked it, one hand, then two hands then the other and was talking to me and my dick about how she Best bj stories the feel of it, the firmness, and the look on my face as she stroked it, it felt great. The way that orgasm hit me I thought that she had actually sucked the life out of me. Up to this point we were sitting on my couch and she was next to me, and she was playing and stroking my cock, but not hard enough to make me cum but enough to keep me interested and keep me hard.

She was in no hurry and was moaning right along with me. I never felt such bliss before and I did not want this to ever end.

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Her nipples were so pink and perfect that I sat up and grabbed them, kissing her. She moaned and giggled, still shy from exposing herself to me.

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