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Barn Sex Stories


Covered by a Stallion Category: Mature. Total 0 votes. Jake Hughes, the owner of Blue Sky Horse Farm, sat at his kitchen table sipping coffee as he stared out the window at what could only be described as a gloomy Saturday morning.

Name: Jobey

What is my age: 31
What is my ethnicity: Syrian
My sexual identity: Gentleman
What is my sex: I'm girl
What is my hair: I have curly blond hair
My figure type: Thin
In my spare time I love: I like roller-skating

I'm just cold and wet; I just need a ride out of here! I guess it's the movement of the car, but he's starting to get hard as well. I was driving down a twisting lonesome back road lost as hell one afternoon.

‘barn’ stories

I don't care. As I drive, I glanced over a few times to check him out. Got a problem with that? Care to get out here?

The barn (animal sex)

Do you like what you see man, does that keep you hard? Sorry, man! How life can change when 2 star crossed lovers came in the way of a fight between An angel and a Demon, filled with love, romance, sex and many more twists. The ahead tells me that a highway is near. I always get a hard on when I drive and I love to jack off while driving!

‘barn’ stories

If you pants hurt your cock, just take your cock out or drop those pants! I also grabbed the two blankets from the trunk and a lantern.

tight Denisse

It's hard as hell and running down my left leg. It's still raining like hell. I found a huge old cow barn in the middle of nowhere.

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Are you game for a something possibly new? He has a nice set of pecks with nice arms and no chest hair. None of the men involved in the painting, roofing, and landscaping of the buildings, though, had his muscular body, his large blue eyes, his wide smile with sparkling white teeth, and his beach boy blond hair.

Fuck man, I need the ride and I'm cold! I have no idea where I am on this country road. He's about 25 short and thin about 5 foot, 3 inches with a very thin waist and I'd say a well-built chest. By this time I have put my hard cock back into my pants. Like me, he was in his late 20s, I guessed. Piercing anything gets me hot as hell! Please let me stay, OK? I don't respond just start driving again. He gets back into his seat and starts to dry off, rubbing Barn sex stories chest and hair.

Let's spend the night in one of these deserted barns down the road, it's free best I can tell! Another school year was beginning and Will was not looking forward to it. I unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out and started to jack it slowly as I drove. sociální síť pro dospělé

I'm now on Interstate 88, west. I'd just like ride for a while, do you mind? They took all I had including my 'Pink Floyd' shirt; I had to beg those fuckers to let me keep my shorts and boots. I lost my luggage in the last ride. Thank God, a real highway! His hair is rather long and dirty blond, almost shoulder length, he needs a shave and rather scruffy, a rather hot kid, fuck, he's cute as you can get! The apartment complex where I lived had a fairly large maintenance staff. I sipped up my fly and left the car not knowing what we might find.

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He is wearing pair of old worn quite thin Levi cutoffs on and soaking wet and well-worn work boots and no shirt. He hesitated for a second but it didn't seem to bother him, he still got in. I'd like to know what's in my car, ok? It was his senior year and he had managed to dodge his foreign language credit until now. I'm a sucker for a nice cock and a cute face!

sweet lady Cecilia

I'd just be glad to find a motel room somewhere at this point; I've been driving for hours. Hell, can't see anything for miles. You can always get out, I can pull over any time. I notice his crotch, a nice cock hanging to the right soft about inches soft and fat, no underwear.

passionate female Callie

Let me describe this guy! He offers no response to my question but notices my hard cock again.

Adventure in the barn - sex stories

But why tell him that? I had been driving for a while. What are you a cock sucking fag or something, getting hard over me, is that why you Barn sex stories me up, just to get your rocks off? Dave unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock just to relieve the pressure on it, and also started to jack his fat cock as he looked at me jacking mine he just got harder. At this point, he decided just to take his pants off and started to relax. As he got into get in to car he noticed that I had a hard on. His cock head is just slightly showing out from the bottom of his shorts as he sits, he has a ring in the head of his cock!

As I reached into the trunk to get the coveralls. I jack my cock not to cum, mind you, I just like the feeling of stroking my cock and getting it close at times, licking some pre-cum from my finger as I scoop it off my cock then letting it sit back for the next round. He reaches over and grabs the towel and starts to dry off and as he reaches his cock head sticks out from the bottom of his shorts, again I notice the ring in his cock head.

He does have a nice cock and fat as hell, it's a real turn on.

The barn (animal sex)

One guy even took my underwear! Up ahead, I see a hitchhiker, a real cute guy in the rain, soaking wet and obviously cold, and hell, why not pick him up. The poor guy is cold and wet. As we drive, I notice he keeps adjusting his cock in his pants as he realized the head of his cock was showing. His nice body, voice and crotch, say nothing about his cute face! Those cock sucking bastards!

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In my travels, I've noticed several old farms, homes and barns, it's a shame people just let this all go to hell I just love these old barns. I always get hard and love to jack off when I drive! You keep adjusting in it? I've got my ear and cock done and my tits are next!

Adventure in the barn - sex stories

It's raining, unseasonably cold and about PM on a summer's eve. With my hands on the wheel, I'm making no attempt to hide my hard on, why should I? It's my car and he needs the ride, just glancing at him keeps me hard.

Go ahead! Bunch of punk kids ripped me off!

Adventure in the barn

He hated the thought of learning another language, but in order to graduate he had to do it. Dave just put his wet shorts back on. I have been looking for a small town in mid-state NY to check out a farmhouse to possibly buy for hours. I didn't mean to be rude. I pull over to the side and he runs over to the car and opens the door. It was just starting to get dark as we parked the car behind the barn.

I guess we all have our 'thing' when we drive alone, I love to jack my cock while I drive some people like to listen to music I guess. Hell I'm going to jack mine for a while, I'm fucking horny as hell. I like to do this over and over again, guess it cuts the boredom of driving.

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He threw her down on the dirt floor and pinned her arms above her head as he straddled her body, pinning her to the floor.

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