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Bare Bum Spanking Stories


My parents never really spanked me asI would get the occasional slap on the leg but that was it and that was very rare. There was this wood near my home were we would play, but we very rarely saw anyone else in the wood. On this day none of my mates could come out but it was such a lovely warm day, so I went up there by myself and was riding my push-bike around the trail we had made. After a while I was feeling hot so as no one else was about I decided to strip down to my underwear to cool off, I rode the trail in my pants and then being a dirty little teenager I thought I would take them off and ride the trail again naked. I felt really dirty and stopped a few times to play with myself.

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My bum was incredibly sensitive and it hurt to even have her lightly touch it. I was hesitant but she insisted it helps. It does bring some relief.

Timothy watches the vicar spanking johnny's bare bum.

I pride myself on not breaking for spankings, but this one had been called early. It is a cliche, but we both slept on our stomachs. My aunt told me to get up, and somehow I did, and then worked my way back next to Judi, who also was still sniffling. My aunt was in the kitchen and looked up, first at us, then at my uncle, who quickly briefed her on where he had found us before heading back to work.

We scuffled hang dog into the kitchen via the back door, my uncle right behind us. The punishment was not over.

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As she turned to face me, I could see tears freely flowing down her face. They also had an in-ground pool, something that made their place a fun place to hang, especially during summers. I could feel my face flush and my breathing accelerate. But I thought it was the polite thing to do, so I did.

Our folks knew the marina was a popular drinking hangout for high school kids and that a of older guys frequented it, looking to hit on the girls. When the 12th was delivered, it was dead across the center of my pulsating bottom. For one moment, I felt nothing, then instantaneously there was a searing jolt of pain that radiated out from my bottom through my entire body.

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I kept thinking how exposed I must be and what view my cousins were getting. She was not a yeller and, in fact, unlike my mom, not prone to lecture much at all. He looped around at the next intersection and pulled up to us while we were still on the median. I had lost my dignity and I was now a sobbing mess. We were just a few months apart in age she was a bit older and we hung together both in school and during the summer, mainly at her house. To add to our indignity, both of us had lost shorts and panties during the session. He did a slow crawl past us, just to confirm it was who he thought it was.

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I had seen it used on a couple of my cousins but I had never experienced it. I was extraordinarily nervous, both at the prospect of a spanking with this wicked implement and having it witnessed by a gaggle of onlookers. My aunt stood in front of us, glowering and arms folded. Judi asked if I want her to put Noxema on my behind. My cousin, Julia, 12, was next in, followed by Jason, who was around I am not sure if the youngest, Jeremy, came in at some point, but it was the four other sibs who were in the family room when Judi returned from retrieving the stick from the back hall closet.

It was awkward. She shuffled back over, pants still down, and stood next to me. He exited the truck and put our bikes in the open bed. I gripped the sides of the chair until my knuckles turned white. I was desperate to rub, but there was no rubbing allowed in the corner, so I was forced to endure the throb firing through my behind without relief.

Judi, familiar with the routine, shuffled over and gripped the sides. Eight, nine and ten came in rapid fire and I could hear Judi breathing rapidly and sounding as if she were ready to break down completely. On this particular day, we told my aunt we were going to ride our bikes over to the custard stand, then head over Bare bum spanking stories the large neighborhood park around the corner. She wanted me to reciprocate. The Stick, it should be explained, was a mini-blind wand, maybe 18 inches long and coated in vinyl.

Judi kept it under control through the first six strokes, which were spaced across the meat of her bottom in a row of nasty red lines. As with Judi, she was painting my entire bum with firm even strokes. My knees buckled and I collapsed to the floor, sobbing openly. I was especially close with this girl, whose name was Judith, or Judi for short. She wheeled around and pointed in our direction with the stick.

I could literally feel the hairs on my arm stand up.

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There was a beat, then Judi thrusting forward as she let out a low moan. My aunt pointed at Judi then tapped the chair. Eleven was another cut to the sit spot that elicited the loudest response yet and then 12 quickly followed, directly across the center of her heavily welted rear end. The last, and worst, spanking I got from my aunt took place the summer between 8th and 9th grades, close to my 14th birthday.

Now I was going to find out why its announcement had filled Judi with so much anxiety.

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Judi and I had hatched a scheme to ride our bikes to the marina not far from their house. I was staying there for a couple days around July 4th. As at my house, we had to each park our noses in a corner of the kitchen and display our marked bottoms in public for 30 minutes.

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I was leery. The remaining strokes were carried out in more or less the same way. Almost simultaneously, my cousin and I reached into the waistband of the girls gym shorts we were wearing and lowered them and panties in one motion to around knee level. It took all of my strength to be able to move my feet to go over to the chair and bend over. This time, I found my voice and let out a loud cry before I counted the stroke.

Like my mom, my aunt was a first-response spanker. Judi was not fat, but she was thicker and built more solidly, and her bum was definitely wider than mine. I looked down and noticed that the seat of the chair now had a healthy deposit of my snot and tears.

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She gently rubbed in Noxema and she was right. The seventh landed at the very top of her thigh where it met her bottom, and she let out a small shriek and, while still holding the chair, rose up on her tiptoes. We stood next to each other, arms at sides. Dinner was muted. I began growing pubic hair about two years earlier about six months before Judi and I had become extremely body conscious. He said nothing on the short drive back.

Jordan, in particular, seemed to delight in seeing his siblings in trouble, especially the girls, and always had this smarmy look on his face while he leered at you. A certainty of a spanking in that house was that it was guaranteed to draw a crowd.

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Her cadence was patient and steady. Though she tended to let more things slide than my mom did probably because of the sheer of kids therespankings were not rare and, unlike my house, were always done in the open in front of whatever family happened to be there. Just as at my house, every spanking there was given on a bare bottom. It was early bed for us, and I was grateful. It was also located off a busy highway that was not pedestrian or bike friendly.

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As if by magic, our impending distress drew the rest of the kids into the adjacent family room from outside and every other part of the house. My aunt pulled a chair from the kitchen table and turned it so the back faced away from us. The seventh was on my sit spot, a sensitive area that brought out my loudest and deepest response.

I would scream but I could not find air. I felt weak and almost in a fog. I was fortunate, growing up, to have a large contingent of extended family living in the same neighborhood.

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This marina was strictly off limits to us, a rule of both of our parents. The worst part of the whole spanking ordeal for me was no longer the physical part but the exposure and embarrassment, especially when witnessed. She pointed at Judi.

Spanked and more

I was not making eye contact, but I knew all eyes in the family room were riveted on the midsections of Judi and me. Though her legs were tightly together, the shape and contour or her body still left her exposed and it heightened my anxiety to know that I might look the same way in a few moments.

Judi was olive skinned and tanned easily, and her bare white bottom stood out in stark contrast. About yards down the road in the opposite direction was her dad, in his truck headed to work. My aunt said OK, but to make sure we were back by We readily agreed and off we went, riding directly past the custard stand and straight toward the busy divided highway that led to the access road for the marina.

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