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Babysitter Fantasy Stories
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You think you can figure it out, pick out the secret strand of the actual within all the red herrings and fantasies. Not only a particular outcome please, let her be safe! Everything that could happen with these scattered characters over these few hours does happen. In some ways, the story is a warning: sure, buddy, you might get what you fantasize about—but everyone might also end up dead.

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Coover flouts the rules, and in doing so has written a story about story. Coover does not satisfy this desire. Are we sure about that?

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. Tucker hovering over her.

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Like, all the time! Believe us! Like us on Facebook. Tucker exclaims from the kitchen. You can buy it here.

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On the television, one of a of programs will play: people will fight and murder each other and make love. In the end, the babysitter will be dead, along with all three of the children, and she will also be just waking up after dozing in front of the television at the end of an uneventful evening. It is told by a third person narrator, but close behind the consciousness of multiple characters: the babysitter, Mr. Tucker, Mrs. Tucker, Jack, the children, even the television.

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By Emily Temple. But the first option is realistic; the second fantastical—even despite the hilarious surreality of the ordeal Mrs. Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature.

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Is it worth it? The babysitter will drown in the bath and the baby will choke on its diaper pin and the babysitter will do the dishes before Mr. Tucker drives her home at the end of the night. Jack will call her and it will go well and it will go poorly.

They will be outside looking through the window when Mr. Tucker comes, and they will be inside on the couch with the babysitter when Mr. Tucker comes, and they will run away and Mr. Tucker will kick them out and rape the babysitter himself, and they will peacefully watch television while Mr. Tucker goes to the bathroom.

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It is a story that quivers with possibility without ever gelling into one narrative. No, follow me! Tucker is watching the report of the ball scores and golf tournaments. It offers a critique of the concerns of contemporary life, points out the superficialities of lives whose most intense relationships seem to be with the TV. In the place of the purified, monolithic, and officially sanctioned myths of the dominant order, in place of rarefied stories with a moral message, in place of realism or sexploitation or suspense, Coover offers a piece of fiction that gives all the versions, that offers all the merry and not so merry possibilities of life.

But Coover keeps revising the turn of events, presenting multiple possibilities for every character and every moment, without weighting one over another.

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Is the story sexist? You see what I mean. In the end, we are offered two competing possibilities for the final moments of the night. Both, we notice, highlight the television.

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It not only forces us to think about fiction, about how stories are put together, but it also gives us all the enjoyment that one—or several—conventional and suspenseful stories might provide. Indeed, following the path of a single character through this story might be possible, but followed together, the contradictions tangle, form a dense web, and are finally impossible to tease apart.

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And yet, there is another desire that he does satisfy. Tucker asks. This story exposes our stubborn insistence about what a story is. Everyone will take a bath, and will not take a bath.

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But what can I say? But these fantasies are not exactly indulged—the story paints the men as monsters and creeps making calls and hanging up, their faces dodging in and out of the windowand also allows the babysitter some creepy fantasies of her own perhaps she does seduce that little boy.

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Sometimes it is also funny. Over the course of the story, told in fragments separated by white space, the babysitter will invite her boyfriend Jack over, and not invite him over. As you might imagine, the story is terrifying. Jack will come to the house with his friend Mark and they will watch television together, and they will rape her, and Jack will prevent Mark from raping her, and the babysitter will seduce them into a threesome, and they will be interrupted by Mr.

Tucker, who has come home to seduce the babysitter. Tucker and not ready to go.

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Or as Maya Sonenberg puts it in an essay:. Which also means it does not happen—because of course not everything can. I desire an outcome. Tucker will not find them at all.

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Close to the Lithub Daily Thank you for subscribing! As William H. In this sense, the television is particularly important.

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Which one you buy into—because we do buy in—depends on the channel to which you turn. The very experience of reading the story proves its metafictional point.

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A Jamaican babysitter uses voodoo to tame a pair of mischievous, stir-crazy boys.

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