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My name is Jenna not my real name. At the time of this tragically sordid tale, I was 19 years old and catastrophically — bordering on fatally — broke. Wounded gazelle on the Serengeti Plain were sitting pretty compared to me.

Name: Lindsey

Age: 18
Ethnicity: I was born in Australia
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To make it easier, Ashley had switched to pull-up-style diapers.

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He used to be very pushy in be SmutMD Log in. Serena brushed it off at the time, but after several weeks of wondering, she caved and gave the a ca I always enjoyed the nights when my husband was out. It was her day off from Padded Bliss, as it was for everyone else at the spa.

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Torturous minutes passed slowly until he heard the sound of his own front door closing. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think!

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Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. Meanwhile I know he's away getting something he needs.

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Though she was still having accidents, both wet and messy, Angela was impressed by just how well she was adapting t Disclaimer: All persons in this story are above the age of It should be assumed that all sexual experiences are between people above the age of This story includes diaper wearing as a sexual fetish, diaper wetting and sex between consensual parties all above the age of The girls all tried to wear some sexier clothes that night.

It was am and his daughter, Melissa had finally left for work. Kylie wore a Edited by: P. Her diaper had been sagging a while from all of the pee and shit it stored. She only had one diaper left, and was saving it for later.

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All characters are over 18 years old. Cold weather in the region had frozen the pipes in the buildin We held hands as we kissed, and my well-developed breasts pressed against him the first time I made him cum in his diaper. Luckily she was wearing a long flowing maroon sleeveless dress, which was accented with black lace.

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He had some friends, but he steered clear of girls like me who intimidated him. If her diaper leaked, they would play Everything was set for Ashley's surgery and her last day at Padded Bliss had finally come.

List of hot and % free adult diaper stories

On Off. The Diaper Spa Pt. It wasn't even set, for that matter, but she still yawned awake at around 7 a. Diaper Stories 2. She could drop a big load in her diaper and have the size of her poop marveled at.

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Sort by: Best match Most recent. It wasn't always like this.

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It usually came in handy but not so much today. In our senior year, everyone at school new about Bobby's damaged bladder that required him to wear diapers.

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Nineteen-year-old Melissa Bartholomew had only recently returned to live with her father Please do not read further if you are upset by bodily functions. It was pure relaxing bliss -- I could do whatever I felt like, lounge about in whatever lack of clothing suits me, masturbate as much as I want, watch whatever kind of porn I want, anything.

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He had caught my attention though during PE where Chapter One: Diapers for Three Alan Bartholomew lay alone in bed listening for the sound he was longing to hear. Angela had been training her to get used to the toilet, even when she didn't have to go.

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The dress did reveal the top part On a Tuesday morning, Angela's alarm didn't go off.

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A weekend of wife swapping, games, enemas, playing doctor, scuba diving, cross dressing, diapers, boats, strapless strapon,and a little bondage

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About a year ago my bestfriend, Ryan, invited me over for a sleepover.